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about us

At Applied Cyro Technologies our people are the heart of our organization and the foundation of our company. On this foundation stand these four pillars of success: quality, experience, technical innovation and customer satisfaction. We measure our success by the value and benefits that we provide to our customers and we do this by understanding the complexities of an ever-evolving worldwide market.Founded by Bob Ernull, Jack Smith and Tim Lowrey, Applied Cryo Technologies’s executive management team brings a unique skill set of engineering know how, operational execution and outstanding customer service to the cryogenic equipment manufacturing industry.

our foundation


what we do
ACT designs and manufacturers cryogenic trailers and mobile storage equipment for the Oil & Gas, Industrial Gas and emerging LNG markets. Cryogenic fluids are actually gases that have been liquefied at extremely low temperatures. Some of these cryogens include Liquid Nitrogen (LIN), Liquid Argon (LAR), Liquid Oxygen (LOX) and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). Cryogenic fluids are used for a wide range of industrial, commercial, medical and chemical applications.Our primary focus is placed on product engineering and manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality Cryogenic Transportation and Storage Equipment in the industry.