Innovative Technology LNG and Atmospheric Gas Equipment

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ACT specializes in specialty cryogenic equipment that is designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards for the LNG market. ACT is heavily invested in R&D to develop core products and a full-line of solutions for any LNG application.
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ACT’s Atmospheric Gas products such as cryogenic pumps, and tanks are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and allow our customers a means to store, transport LNG and distribute atmospheric industrial gases in a safe, economical and space saving form. If you're wondering how to transport LNG, ACT is your answer.
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About ACT

At ACT our people are the heart of our organization and the foundation of our company. On this foundation stand these four pillars of success: quality, experience, technical innovation and customer satisfaction. We measure our success by the value and benefits that we provide to our customers and we do this by understanding the complexities of an ever-evolving worldwide market.

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We have the knowledge and expertise to put your cryogenic equipment back where it belongs, in operation. We offer a quick turnaround parts department with inventory that includes a variety of components for cryogenic and gas applications.