ACT Announces Grand Opening

Applied Cryo Technologies announces the official Grand Opening of the company’s headquarters in Houston, Texas

By Tim Lowrey January 5, 2013 Houston, TX

Firstly, Applied Cryo Technologies announced the Grand Opening of their company headquarters in Houston, Texas. Consequently, the company officially moved in September, 17 2012. Additionally, at this facility ACT is designing as well as manufacturing Cryogenic Trailers. Additionally, this includes Cryogenic Mobile Storage Equipment.

“ACT has the ability to design and manufacture a variety of cryogenic storage and transportation equipment but we’ll begin by slowly expanding our product offerings so that we can grow in a methodical and controlled manner. Our core business is currently focused on manufacturing 13,000 gallon Cryogenic Trailers and 16,000 gallon Mobile Regasification Units for the LNG Industry. We see the LNG market as the most attractive market for immediate penetration.” says Bob Ernull, Chief Executive Officer of ACT.

Lastly, founded by Bob Ernull, Jack Smith and Tim Lowrey, ACT’s management team has assembled a core group with over forty years of combined experience in the cryogenic equipment manufacturing industry. The location of ACT’s company headquarters was chosen 19 miles from the port of Houston. Consequently,  so that they can serve customers both at home and abroad. To learn more about this grand opening, please contact:

Tim Lowrey, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Applied Cryo Technologies
7150 Almeda Genoa
Houston, TX. 77580

Office: (832) 888-3884

Mobile: (832) 622-2703