Applied Cryo Technologies | New Aluminum Series Cryogenic Semi-Trailer

Houston, Texas – September 16, 2015 – Applied Cryo Technologies (ACT) is proud to announce its new Liquid Nitrogen Aluminum Trailer (model LIN-082-036-AL). Additionally, the first units shipping in October of this year.

Furthermore, the Model LIN-082-036-AL is an aluminum, vacuum-insulated, cryogenic semi-trailer optimized specifically for transporting Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) over US highways with a maximum GVW of 80,000 pounds.


Key advantages of the LIN-082-036-AL include:
  • Lightest design in the industry, resulting in the largest payloads
  • Longest warranty in the industry (both vacuum and structural)
  • Aluminum sub-frame (available upon request), resulting in additional weight savings of 250 pounds

“We are pleased to announce this new product line. ACT’s Aluminum Series cryogenic trailers offer payloads second to none, resulting in increased net-earnings for our industrial gas customers and improved ROI’s,” said Bob Ernull, President of ACT. “ACT backs this new product line with an unmatched warranty. These products were engineered for the highest level of trouble-free performance and unsurpassed product longevity.”


ACT will be adding three additional cryogenic semi-trailers to its Aluminum Series in 2016:
  1. An aluminum, vacuum-insulated, cryogenic semi-trailer optimized specifically for transporting Liquid Argon (LAR) over US highways
  2. A Transport Canada, TC-341, version of the LIN-082-036-AL, allowing customers to operate in both the US and Canada
  3. A much larger Liquid Nitrogen aluminum, vacuum-insulated, cryogenic semi-trailer optimized specifically for Canadian highways, with a maximum GVW of 102,500 pounds (46,500 kilograms)

ACT stands behind its products offering the best warranty in the industry and prides itself in offering unparalleled, 24/7, before and after customer service (technical and parts). ACT is a premier choice for cryogenic storage and distribution equipment with its cost effective turn-key solutions, custom tailored designs, and true understanding of payload and optimization.
About Applied Cryo Technologies
Additionally, founded in 2012, Applied Cryo Technologies, specializes in the design and manufacturing of specialty cryogenic equipment, including cryogenic trailers and mobile storage equipment. Consequently, headquartered in Houston, Texas, ACT serves the oil and gas, industrial gas, and emerging LNG markets. Cryogenic fluids include: liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid argon (LAR), liquid oxygen (LOX), and liquid natural gas (LNG). ACT operates as business partners with its customers, serving as both an engineering/consulting firm and equipment manufacturer. Product versatility, innovative engineering, and superior quality is what drives ACT’s success.


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